Captain Chris Beckett U.S.C.G. 100 Ton Master

Who Is Captain Chris? What Is He Really All About

I believe that every moment, every breath, every wave and every fish you catch has the potential to become it’s own story. A story that is so amazing, you can share with others and be able to pass on to your grand kids. My passion, energy, and enthusiasm abound on every deep sea fishing trip. I try to always be upbeat, full of encouragement, and look forward to meeting every passenger, calling you by name, getting to know you, and ultimately sharing a unique fishing charter that will leave you enthusiastic about your next fishing trip. I love to joke around and tell stories about some of the most interesting fishing trips and experiences I have had in years past which have affected my operations, leading to the policies I have in place today.

I am a laid back, down to earth, independent, conservative thinker who is a friend, that a friend would love to have. I have learned over the years to challenge traditions in order to start a few of my own. Early in life I questioned, “why things are done they way they are” and tried to figure out better, more efficient, and hopefully more profitable ways to do things. Some things I tried did not work at all. When I began charter fishing I found a whole new world of opportunities that had never been challenged or exposed. There were a lot of negative stereotypes that came with being a charter captain that needed to be changed in order to professionalize the fishing industry. Not everyone who owns and operates charter boats are grumpy ole codgers. One thing about me is, I’m really humble and don’t care for titles. I certainly do not expect anyone to call me “captain”. It is okay to call me captain, but I just do not expect it. So, it is okay to just call me Chris. Being self employed for almost all of my life I found myself solving problems and finiding solutions. My way of thinking met a lot of resistance at first because people do not like change. Over the years, however, I learned change was good. The key to my success was being able to figure out when I was going the wrong way, stop, go back, and change directions. I have always been a dreamer, but to be successful I have become a doer. Most of all I am a family man that tries to use the talents that I was born with. In my opinion I feel the skills I have set me apart from the rest of my peers when it comes to charter fishing.

When You Are Fishing, Every Day Is A Good Day

I really enjoy making everyone around me have a good day. I always try to wake up with a smile on my face and look forward to each day on the water. I am the captain who finds humor in almost everything and every situation, except when it comes to safety. Safety is something I take seriously. I am very safety oriented and have never had anyone injured on my boat. If someone is doing something unsafe, I will get their attention and gently explain to them our procedures so they may understand how and why that can get them hurt and how they can avoid it. I never criticize anyone if they do something incorrectly such as a backlash in a reel. I am considerate of your feelings and understand that this may be your first time deep sea fishing. I am very respectful and thoughtful of the opinions of others. Finally, I understand that what counts most in life is what we do for others.

...Captain Chris won't promise you anything, But for me and my family He deliverd the world. We caught or first Tarpon ever, we'll never forget!

Don Belliveau 2016 Belliveau Family

As a Florida fishing guide with decades of expierence, from commercial fishing, shrimping, and longlining, to charter fishing, I have become a very successful, versatile and fisherman.

I have fished in the Carribean, Mexico, Honduras, as well as the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and as a result have extensive knowledge in fish catching tactics for bottom dwellers as well as pelagics.

I have fished my entire life, heck it's what I do on my days off! I love to catch fish but more than that I love to see other people catch fish especially newbies and children. I like to impart my love of saltwater onto others in every way possible. I am an avid fisherman, diver, boater, and all around salt water enthusiast. I hold a U.S. Coast Guard 100 ton masters license, multiple endorsements. Having also been a captain in the oil field I have operated in all kinds of weather from hurricanes and tropical storms, to northeasters and even been run over by a few water spouts as well as struck by lightning. My experience makes me a very versatile captain and fisherman, truth is there ain't much out there I haven't seen or been through. I was even published in the Florida Sportsman magazine at age 6. I am a highly versatile fisherman, I am proficient in many styles of live bait and artificial techniques. My passion is fishing and I am constantly reading and experimenting with new technology and techniques so that I can be a complete angler.

Destin Florida Sport Fishing Charters

Destin Florida Sport Fishing serves all of Choctawhachee Bay including the surrounding cities of Navarre Beach, Panama City, Fort Walton Beach, Shalimar, and Destin, Florida. Defuniak Springs and Crestview are just a short drive away. Destin is home to world-renowned sport fishing and the Florida Gulf coast is home to the world's whitest beaches and emerald clear waters. Let Destin Florida Sport Fishing Charters help you make the memory of a lifetime!

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Private Fishing Charters

We offer Private charters not split party trips. Private Charters offer fishermen the privacy of having the whole boat to themselves for 1-6 passengers. The only people on the charter boat, other than you and your party, will be the captain. Private fishing charters are great because you are in charge of the trip. If you decide that you want to stop and watch a dolphin, the captain will be accommadate you. As you can see, private charters are all about what customers want. You are in control, please discuss your options with the Captain the night before your trip. Depending on the length of your private fishing charter, you might choose to bottom fish or troll. Some people do both. Either way, thats just one of the benefits of a private charter boat. Just let us know how many people are in your party and tell us when you want to fish and how many hours you want. We will do the rest.

Remember to book early!

Also remember all trips can be adjusted for time, we will work with you. Keep in mind the longer the trip you take the more likely you will catch the fish you want, although not guaranteed. Refunds will be issued for cancellations made by the Captain or if you cancel within 10 days! A 20% gratuity is mandantory with all trips, our captains work very hard for you. Deposits are $160, $150 Goes toward your trip with a $10 service charge. Cancellations by customers with less than a 10 day phone call notice and no shows at the dock by customers on the day of the fishing trip will be charged to their credit card the full amount of the charter slot they have reserved. When you reserve a fishing trip, we do not book anyone else for that time slot.

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